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Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 13, and February 01, If you were born before February 13, , your Chinese​.

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Well, hold onto your hats and don't shoot the messenger! This week begins with a testy square between the Sun and Saturn. Expect a few tests and challenges around Monday. This may easily come from a boss or authority figure standing in your way, not allowing you to just get on with it by opposing your actions. Careful what you say.

Words, probably the wrong words, could tumble out at warp speed. Tuesday, Venus moves into Scorpio until November 1st. With the ruler of Scorpio now moving direct, this could bring up power and control issues. On the same day, Mars opposes Chiron and we need to look at our irritability and anger issues.

It's a pivotal day to fall out with others if not conscious of your actions and words, but with Chiron in the mix, honesty will ultimately bring healing. If so, be generous and share it. See yourself as a soul traveller while Jupiter is in Sagittarius — even if you are not a Sagittarian or have no Sag planets. Blog, write, journal or even act your story. Jupiter in Sag is a little bit theatrical. Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until the start of December when it moves off into Capricorn which will take us into with one of the most powerful cycles we have ever seen when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all meet in Capricorn that year.

Remember, eclipses cover up initially and we may not discover just how big the cover up has been until Uranus wakes us up and sets us free — sometimes in ways that are shocking. Jupiter always seeks expansion, to broaden our horizons and our knowledge — usually through a journey either real or metaphorical. No matter what sign we are born under, we can all harness the freedom and opportunity that both these planets can bring us by aligning our energy with them.

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When you have a moment centre yourself. Imagine yourself about to step onto a new path. See it winding ahead of you until it disappears into the horizon. Now, ask the following questions — either out loud or else mentally: What is it that holds me back that I am unaware of? What do I no longer need to take with me on my journey?

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Keep an open mind as to what answers occur to you. Sometimes we can have a flash of instant recognition of what it is we need to do or release. Or we may wait for answers or when something ends or is let go of in a way that was outside our control, we then realise that was the very thing we needed to release.

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But whatever way you get your answer, know that simply by asking the questions, you set in motion the forces to set yourself free to explore all the enormous potential for invention, re-invention, learning and freedom that astrology promises us all. In a nutshell: Electrify your life and expand your horizons! Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. Thanks Michele for your comprehensive Astrological preview for I do hope will be turning point for me as I have had more than my fair share of trauma in my life — I fully intend to electrify my life and expand my horizons!