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This is soooo on point! He sometimes resent me just because I show him some affection and he gets Soo excited talking about work and colloquies and space bla bla bla. I Feel sad because I really do not want it to end. To think we would always go down this road…. I think am just gonna up out and fine me compatibility.

Aquarius Man & Gemini Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

He is nurturing and so am I…. As for our sex life, I actually verbally heard him say afterwards baby that was like fireworks I can honestly say he is the best that I ever had…. And we are highly compatible, we have been together for 11years been engaged 4years.

Best Matches

I agree with a lot of things on this topic. Think of undying love and constant affection. We fought over anything, broke up all the time, had tons of family drama. You need to communicate like in any relationship. I am a Taurean dating my Aquarius boyfriend for 5 years.

We get along famously. He takes me on a new adventure daily. And I believe he loves my practicality and stability.

I am an Aquarian female in love with a Taurean male. We were best friends for 6 years with absolutely no fights during this period. We always had a lot to talk and always had a feeling that there are more things to discuss, even after talking for long hours. Our conversation could never end. After six years of thick friendship, my Taurean male started thinking about taking our friendship to the next level.

And we slowly glided to love from friendship. Getting our best friend as our lover is really something very special and lucky. He knows me soooooo much.. Completely, perfectly. He knows how to make me happy, he knows exactly what to say to hurt me during arguments. Again he knows how to make me calm down. He knows me exactly like what I am. He knows even my thoughts. No one else can understand me so well. Same way, even I know him. I can understand exactly what he wants from our relationship, why he is jealous, why he is getting possessive, why he is burning with anger, what he expects.

We just know each other so very well. But initially, when we started taking our friendship to the next level, I tried to flee twice because I felt that him as a boyfriend is too demanding and unbearable. I felt that I am getting suffocated.

Is the Aquarius Man Compatible? | Keen

Then we started discussing openly what our thoughts were and why we behaved in that way. What is acceptable and what is not acceptable. And now everything is going smooth and great.. I know that I am so very lucky to be his girl. And no other guy on this earth can ever make me happy like him, emotionally, mentally, physically… I am so happy being his girl.

As a man, and a Dad, I would very much like to find someone that can put up with my eccentricities, because even though we can be a bit aloof, we Aquarians want to be loved too. I have a huge crush on a Taurus girl.

I can clearly say its war all the time and i am considering leaving. I dated her the first 3 years andi tell you it was war. So we separated. After 6 months we decided to try it again.

Same shit different day. I am very much an Aquarius.

Love Matches

I have always attracted the Taurus and make great friends with them more than any other signs. I am currently in a relationship with one and like Mimi, we are very much compatible. Though the individual description of both signs are accurate, the relationship comparability, I do not agree with. Unfortunately, my relationship relates highly on this scale.

Our relationship has been overly rough and tasking over the past 15 years, but our love is stronger than anything because of the hardships we had faced and the above pretty much is dead on as to the conflicts we have been in that have torn us apart. However, no matter how hard we have fought our love and the connection we have together we are drawn together no matter what.

Aquarius compatibility: What is the best match for an Aquarius?

We are best friends, but our connection stretches beyond that and no matter how far apart we are, where we go, or what we are dealing with. We find each other through thick and thin. I am a Taurus female and I dated my one and only ex for 3 years before we drifted apart. And guess what? He said I was too jealous and possessive and that I nag a lot. Well, I was confused and tried to talk things over but he was fed up obviously. I simply let him go. It hurt a lot but I had to. It all makes sense now.

Aquarius and Taurus is a no go. He keeps me grounded, I need that! I can be all over the place lol. I have never been faithful, no man could hold me down. I have had fun for the last 34 years of my life and not gave a shit as to who I hurt. Sex is fun. However I can not get enough of my taurus man. And all I want is him!

I see other guys and I think nope, I want my guy. So fuck the zodiac matches. Well, I am all Taurus and my husband of 25 years is pretty much all Aquarius except the statement made about them not being sensitive. It is good in some ways, as you can imagine. We have been separated for a year now. Our marriage has been really freaking awesome, because of the great love we shared for one another. But when its bad, its been really bad. Now looking back, even though we still have a great love for each other, I am astonished we made it so long!!!!

I believe that this relationship could work with communication. As a taurus woman i would find it frustrating that the aquarius would not want to commit. But i feel that the aquarius can bring out the best in a taurus with his adventerous ways and the taurus would bring out the best in the aquarius with her endless love and loyalty.

At the end of the day the both are capable of love and if you find yourself falling for this person you are probaly going to learn to accept your differences. As a taurus i would love to experience the adventure and socialbility of the aquarius and i would love to experience many new stimulating things. To me when it comes to arguments in the relationship you really havr to sit down and communicate with each other. This match is not easy and can bring on alot of heartbreak but i feel as if it could actually really work and be useful and stimulating to each partner.

This could jot be farther from the truth! We communicate extremely well. Are very good at compromising. We are both very passionate and completely committed to a life long relationship. The only part that rang true is that I helped him see the bigger world, and he helped me become more practical.