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Their answer? Some giant rocks. The Arizona Department of Public Safety says the young javelina was one of two that brought traffic on State Route 51 to a standstill Monday afternoon. Dazed and confused deer gets trapped in Italy's resort shop ROME AP — A dazed and confused deer has stormed into a clothing store in the fashionable mountain resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo, on the Italian Dolomites, blocking the local shopping street for a few hours before been saved and freed.

AP — Motorists traveling through a Detroit suburb were stunned to see a pornographic video playing on an electronic billboard. AP — It's a fishy mystery caught on camera. KOB-TV reports authorities say fish worth thousands of dollars recently were stolen from a Santa Fe, New Mexico, business and the alleged theft was captured on video.

Oh deer! AP — A Georgia woman went to fill up her gas tank before work when a deer leaped over her head, kicking her in the process. AP — Police are praising a Virginia woman who says a squirrel led her down a trail and tugged at her leg to help its injured baby, earning her the nickname "squirrel whisperer. AP — "The Star-Spangled Banner" isn't an unusual feature of high school pregame festivities, but Roseanne Barr's screeching s rendition surprised spectators at one Delaware volleyball game.

I wonder if someone could add a bit about former climate change skeptic Gregg Easterbrook's change from denialism to acceptance of AGW to the Changing Positions of Skeptics section? Here's a comment from Easterbrook: "As an environmental commentator, I have a long record of opposing alarmism. But based on the data I'm now switching sides regarding global warming, from skeptic to convert. If the cycles continue as in the past, the current warm cycle should end soon and global temperatures should cool slightly until about , then warm about 0. The sceptic ie Don Easterbrook claims to have made a prediction that there would be global cooling neither proven nor disproven at the moment and seemed to be still sticking by his guns in Please add the link ExxonSecrets.

Just a heads up - folks watching here might be interested in the debate occurring at Talk:Climate change consensus RfC: Split Article? I can not stress how incorrect this sentence is. Many scientists and organizations have expressed doubt. There is no consensus. If you bother to check the source, you will see that it is a statement by 1 society about the IPCC's report. That is hardly a global concensus.

I do not think that there is global consensus on: 1.

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I propose to reflect this in the corresponding section of the article. Well, I will provide source if there were statements from Ukrainian or Russian academies of Sciences. Since there were no statements, then there are no sources to provide for reference. I think we need to edit this section of the atrticle to reflect that there is no consensus on this matter.

Vsobody talk , 13 March UTC. Referenced document states only that AAPG supports further research on this matter.

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Once again, I recommend to edit this section to reflect that there is consensus towards continuous research on whether there is a climate change, and to what degree this change is attributable to human activities. OK, looks like there no new comments here, so I recommend to edit this section to state the following: There is consensus that there is a need to continue to study changes in the climate, and what impact human activity may play in this process, however, right now there is no consensus on the question on the scale and pace of the climate change, and the impact of human activity on this process.

The public opinion data seems to end around on this page for some reason. Recent polls have shown that belief in AGW theory has gone off a cliff. I noted the recent addition of an edit mentioning the Friel criticism of Lomborg. This book, while highly relevant to Lomborg, and appropriate for the article on Lomborg, has nothing to do with the section heading "Changing positions of skeptics".

In fact, the entire Lomborg quote, while interesting, does not support the thesis of the section. It doesn't assert, for example, that Lomborg has changed his position over time. I'm not opining on whether he has or hasn't, but in a section about changing positions, the material should support changing position, not simply identify the positions of certain notable individuals.

I plan to remove the Lomborg quote and the subsequent sentence, but simply removing the irrelevant material will leave a gap - an assertion that some skeptics have shifted to support of adaptation, without any reference supporting such a shift Just to be clear, Lomborg supports adaptation, but there's nothing in the quote to show his position has shifted. Finally, the last sentence about Nordhaus will need changing. I'd like to first get some agreement that the Lomborg quote does not belong in this section, and then I'll work on suggestions for rewriting the surrounding sentences.

One alternative is that Lomborg has shifted his views, and we merely need to find the relevant quote—if someone has such a candidate, we could consider it, although the Friel sentence still is out of place. L is there because he has published. Spencer shouldn't be there for stuff he has only written on his blog. If it is any good, why hasn't he published it?

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William M. Connolley talk , 7 March UTC. This is a good thing. I saw [25] in the FT today. There are some useful looking quotes, particularly towards the end. What was used to define the default orderinbg of the table that comes below the statement, "public perceptions about the existence and importance of global warming have changed in the U.

It does not seem to be alphabetic by the first column, or numerically ordered by the 2nd or 3rd columns. I know you can re-order it by clicking the headings, but what exactly does it tabulate? I also notice that the same statement appears twice in the first column, for different dates, but nothing else has any tabular pattern to it. Would whatever it is meant to communicate be better set out as a series of bullet points? Or a paragraph of text?

It is the Global Warming Controversy. A controversy is a disagreement between people.

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How the people view global warming is the very heart of the article. You have failed to state what could possibly be more important to the issue than this. The table below shows how public perceptions about the existence and importance of global warming have changed in the U. Seriously, it is an embarrassment that WP has allowed this misleading synthesis for so long. Drawing inferences about public perception trends is serious statistical work. I would suggest that QScience take a stab at a concise version that scrupulously avoids the synthesis issue that Sphilbrick raises.

I'm confident that would have consensus. OK, I've made the changes suggested by Sphilbrick and Nigel. I think the new version is much improved; if consensus disagrees, I will self revert.

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Very large sulfur dioxide emissions overdrive the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide's and methane's concentration goes up greenhouse gases , global temperature goes up, ocean's temperature goes up, and ocean's carbon dioxide solubility goes down, and so greenhouse carbon dioxide goes up. The total global sulfur dioxide emissions are lower, so the global warming is not so fast anymore. Extinction events and basalt floods correlate, and the Primate bottleneck and Toba eruption are linked.

Quote, figure caption: "Extinction rate versus time continuous line, blue field multiple-interval marine genera, modified from Sepkoski, compared with eruption ages of continental flood basalts red columns.

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  6. Modified after White and Saunders Volcanism, impact and mass extinctions: incredible or credible coincidences. Lithos, , Sepkoski, J. Patterns of Phanerozoic extinction: a perspective from global data bases. In: O. Springer, Berlin, pp. Thepisky talk , 9 April UTC. Wow, I wish I had more time to investigate all the claims being made in this article. I happened to spot-check one of them:. The source is a paper, done on student questionnaires taken in ' and Does anyone really think student opinions from nearly 20 years ago are an accurate measure of public perception today? It seems that Britons feel that dog leavings affect their lives more than global warming.

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    5. It's right there in the BBC source. But some feel [28] mention of it is "inappropriate". Doesn't seem so to me: it gives insight into the trivialization of the matter in some minds.

      Others have convinced me that the source is dicey and the poll questionable. Leave it out. In that case, for accuracy I agree. We should put the results of the survey separately, to not confuse the reader.