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Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 13, and February 01, If you were born before February 13, , your Chinese‚Äč.

Tonight: Let out the romantic within.


You suddenly become more aware of the implications of your finances and spending. You might want to build greater security in your life. Your domestic life becomes pivotal in creating a greater sense of well-being. Tonight: Let it all hang out. Reach out for a friend or loved one at a distance. You could be questioning what is going on with him or her.

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Your mind often drifts to this person. Consider making plans in the near future to get together. Tonight: Where your friends are. You can relate well on a one-on-one level. Understand what is happening with a loved one you care a lot about. Do not interfere or give your opinions.

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The unexpected occurs when dealing with a boss or higher-up. Tonight: Go along with a request. A partner has special plans that he or she might not share with you. This person would prefer to surprise you.

In either case, be smart and play it passive. Allow the other party to have his or her way. News from a distance heads your way. Tonight: Share your news. Allow an associate to demonstrate his or her loyalty and sensitivity. This person might choose a manner that does not impress you. Be gracious.


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It is the thought that counts. One-on-one relating builds an even stronger tie. Tonight: Say yes to an offer. Milwaukee mom shot protecting daughter from boyfriend. Facing lawsuit, GOP leaders allow Democrat in wheelchair to call into meetings. Health Department rescinds promotion for staffer over anti-gay statements. High temperatures will be in the 40s by weekend. How to best experience the Journal Sentinel app. Democrats subpoena ambassador after Trump blocks testimony. We need your help to give 1 million meals to Wisconsin families.

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Wisconsin Republicans running for Congress stand by Trump. Loughlin facing 'higher' jail sentence than Huffman. Farmer co-op takes organic approach against climate change.

Subscribe today: Get unlimited digital access. Know that much could be going on behind the scenes. You might think you know all the details. Listen and observe, and note that there is a hush-hush matter going on. Do not take it personally; make sure that you find out as much as you can. Tonight: Enjoy the fun. You thrive among groups and crowds. The unexpected easily can dissolve a situation into a chaotic misunderstanding. You might want to rethink a question with more openness. Your intuition emerges in a discussion with one person. Tonight: Where you want to be, but not alone.

The only way to lessen pressure is to understand where it is coming from. You might have made a judgment subconsciously about what someone said. You could have decided that he or she was right, and the tension stems from taking on that judgment. Tonight: Check in with a friend. You might be making plans to get away, as you could be unsure of your choices and the direction in which you're heading. You will feel more complete after a discussion. You can't diminish the importance of a relationship.

A call brings positive results. Tonight: With friends. Work with an individual directly. You will find that most issues can be resolved in this manner. You could meet very different people from very different backgrounds. Together, you will add zest to what would be a mediocre happening.

Tonight: Make time for a special friend. Defer to a partner, who really does mean well. There are many reasons to do this, and there also might be a natural benefit that you won't see or understand immediately.

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Unexpected behavior from a child or loved one could throw plans into chaos. Tonight: Lighten the mood.

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Your determination to bring a project to its natural ending remains your major focus. Woe to those who attempt to interfere. Understand that many people are in celebration mode. Your intuition will guide you. Tonight: Say "yes" to an invitation. Your sense of mischief emerges. Handling even a serious matter might be difficult. For all practical purposes, consider taking tomorrow off.