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Scorpio Traits: Powerful and Passionate. That means that this connection can be tense at times. However, if Cancer and Aries learn to calm their competitive natures, work through conflicts and find a healthy balance, they can also form a powerful, united couple. Of course, water feels transformed by fire, turning it from cold to hot.

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Aries like to live on the edge and Cancers can get caught up in all of the emotional intensity and excitement. When Aries and Cancer find the perfect balance between them, they can form an unstoppable pair. Couples like this who are three signs apart share the same quality—in this case, Aries and Cancer are both Cardinal signs they start the seasons.

Therefore, both possess strong leadership qualities that make them an unbeatable power source that could light up a city. Unless these two have other favorable configurations in their charts, this pairing can be difficult to maintain.